My wife's favorite food truck is in Kennewick. Mine is in Pasco. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a single spot we could go to where all the food trucks are waiting for us? Kind of like a Food Truck Wonderland! A Food Truck Amusement Park, if you will.

Well, good news food truck lovers! A project like this is actually in the works thanks to the owners of the Kennewick Chuck-E-Cheese. In a report on, they apparently have been wanting to do this for several years, and now is the time.

The Kennewick Chuck-E-Cheese parking lot will connect to this 'Food Truck Hub' with space for 28 vendors according to reports. Now there will be something for the whole family no matter what their tastes are.

The food trucks that participate will have marked spots with electrical hookups. This food truck parking area will also improve the safety of parking food trucks overnight. Remember the hot dog cart that was recently stolen? (They did recover that by the way.) But still, security has always been an issue for food trucks that are closed up at night. Construction on this new food truck area is going to start this week and will be finished by Spring! For more details and to sign up for one of the food trucks spots, click HERE.

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