pron: rap'scalyen


A mischievous person

(above photo shows actual rapscallion)

Granted, a rapscallion isn't as bad as a cat burglar, but it's easy to see how police might mistake one for the other. I think rapscallions are out to have fun, but don't care if they cause anyone else trouble. Burglars are just out to steal. Rapscallions may steal if they come across an opportunity, but again, their main objective as they conquer the night is to have fun. This may include illegal drug use or trespassing, and that's why cat burglars and rapscallions get basically the same treatment from police. However, in my days as a rapscallion, I was usually let off with a warning and told to go home. I was, in many respects, a terrible rapscallion as part of being a rapscallion is to be, at most times, invisible.

So how do you become a false rapscallion? That's when you crawl through the window of your own house and the neighbors mistake you for a rapscallion or a cat burglar.


When you need back into your house at zero-dark-thirty, and you don't want to wake your whole family, I...

Posted by Hermiston Police Department on Thursday, January 14, 2021


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