Opening Day is just over three weeks away!

While COVID pretty much put the kibosh on everything entertainment and sports related for the past 13 months, a silver lining in all of this chaos is that the Tri-City Dust Devils hooked up with the Los Angeles Angels and rose in the minor league ranks to High A West baseball and that means a lot more games to take in at Gesa Stadium in Pasco, and that means more chances at those wacky promotional themed nights.


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TC Dust Devils
TC Dust Devils

Sure, some of the standbys and many of the mainstays will be there, like put on a frozen t-shirt, tug of war, somebody butchering the ceremonial opening pitch worse than Dr. Fauci, etc, but now with the expanded schedule comes expanded opportunities to think out of the box. For sure, there will be a total of six games where the Dust Devils play as Vineros de Tri-City, following up in 2021 on the hugely successful previous nights dedicated to migrant agricultural workers in the greater Tri-City area.

But wait, we're still in the COVID woods, so anything promotion related is basically on hold. The Dust Devils plan on back-scheduling things as much as they can because, say it with me, in this fluid situation, no one really knows what percent of capacity will be allowed by King Inslee come opening day, May 4th.

Opening Day at home against Vancouver? Well, that's easy, May the Fourth Be With You! Gotta be Star Wars themed to open a new campaign, amiright? Then what the heck are you going to do? Speaking with a Dust Devil representative, call them for tickets, it's going to be an amazing year at Gesa Stadium, 509-544-8789 or you can email the club here, she said the full promo schedule might not ever be printed, in fact the first few specialty nights probably won't be disclosed until just before the start of the season when Covid protocols will be less fuzzy, or pardon the pun, dusty.

Play Ball!

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