Today is National Cheeseburger day and boy do I have the perfect place to get that picture perfect burger! Depending on where you are, it might be a bit of a drive but it's worth every mile!

If you ride a motorcycle you are going to want to put this ride on your bucket list! Elk City is a small town hidden amongst the trees, streams and beauty of Idaho and inside this small town sits the Lumberjack Steakhouse (Formerly Elk City Saloon) and they are always cooking up something worth the drive!

They have one of the best burgers and the most amazing BLT's I have ever tasted, plus their homemade French fries are tremendous!

What is their secret? I think it is small town love! Everything seems to taste better when you slow down a bit and this small town eatery seems to be doing it just right!

They are always doing something fun and YUMMY! From Chili cook-offs to homemade salsa competitions!

Every holiday seems to be packed with a small town creative event and there is never any lack of good times!

So next time you are craving a scrumptious burger and just wanna go for a nice scenic drive consider exploring Elk City Idaho and tell Anita at The Lumberjack Steakhouse that Janis sent you and order up a meal you won't soon forget!

For more information about Lumberjack Steakhouse and hours of operation click HERE