School guidelines for Covid-19 are changing all the time, just like everywhere else in the world, but generally, if someone hasn't been fully vaccinated and comes in contact with someone who tested positive, they must quarantine. Right now, the quarantine protocols state that if you've been fully vaccinated and have no symptoms, you can resume your normal school day, even if you've been in contact with someone with covid.

It getting pretty ridiculous as to what to believe when it comes to the virus these days. I always wear a mask in the grocery store, but never outside alone, even during the heaviest time of infections. Now they're acting like we all should have been wearing masks while driving alone, but you don't have to now. Then there's the dichotomy of BE CAREFUL OR YOU'RE BACK TO PHASE 2 vs. RUN WILD AND FREE, WE'RE ALMOST THERE. It's okay now to skip the mask if you've been vaccinated and you're in a small group. Not a big group. Almost like the vaccine doesn't count for much.

So full-time classes resume and just like that 80 Hanford High students have to sit out for a while. Somebody needs to make up their mind on what's okay and what's not, but that would only lead to further division because everyone has an idea of what's best.

To read the full story on the 80 Hanford students from KAPP KVEW, click HERE.


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