While scrolling through Reddit I came across a feed asking what people thought is important to find out on a first date. Through the usual silliness, I found some seriously great answers, and thought to share them and add some of my own. As a single lady in my 30s, I have extensive first hand experience and feel I have narrowed down some crucial topics to make sure come up during date one. Take a look at the list and see if  you agree!


1. If your sense of humor matches. Not everyone thinks the same things are funny, and if you're going to be together for a while, you'll want to be able to laugh together. Humor also is a big part of communication, so if you're dating someone who's super sarcastic, but you aren't, there could be a lot of arguments in your future.

2. If they have/want kids. I know, this is touchy, but if someone has kids, and you hate kids, why get involved if eventually this will become a huge issue. Also, if you're hiding the fact that you have kids, that's a big sign or potential issues in other areas as well. Not saying you need to go into a huge conversation about how many kids you want and at what time, but a quick, "Do you see yourself with kids in the future?" can save you both a lot of grief down the line.

3. Pets. If you LOVE your dog. I mean LOVE your dog (or cat, or insert pet of choice here) make sure the other person can too. If they are allergic, have a fear of, or just don't want to be around your baby, chances are this relationship isn't going far. Sure, people can get used to other people's animals, but if Fluffy goes to work with you, sleeps in your bed, and/or has his own Instagram page, chances are you won't do well with someone who is allergic, or otherwise won't be cool with the Flufster. Not necessarily a deal break, but good to know going forward.

4. If there's still a ex in the picture. Yup, another biggie (and I haven't even gotten to the rest.) If someone JUST broke up with someone else, or they're "just a friend" now, this could be a red flag. Just bring it up casually like, "when was the last time you were in a relationship?" You can tell by their answer if this will be an issue or not. If you're not comfy asking this on date one, DEFINITELY get in to it by date 3.

5. Religious affiliation. Yes, touchy. But if you have strong beliefs in this area, you want to make sure that the person you date has the same beliefs. And on the flip side, if you don't have strong affiliations, you'll probably not want to date someone who expects you to go to church every Sunday. I'd say on this one, if you don't care, don't bring it up. But if you have strong feelings about religion, find a casual way to say "I'm catholic," and let the other person respond.

6. Smoking/drinking/drugs. This is a no-brainer. If someone enjoys something you aren't down with in this area, it's going to be an issue. Decide what you can tolerate, and move on if they don't share your views.

7. Similar dating goals. To me, this is one of the key concerns to bring up. I've had dated several guys thinking he was on the same page as me, and was heartbroken to find later, that he wanted more or less than I did. Some people date for a "friends with benefits" situation, some to find "the one" and all shades in between. To avoid getting hurt, or hurting someone else, be honest, and don't tell someone what you think they want to hear. A quick, "I'm looking for..." will save you both issues in the future.

If you had to pick the MOST important out of this list, which one is top for you?

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