With the new Ted Bundy series on Netflix there has been a lot of chatter. Woody and Janis mentioned the series during the morning show and it generated a lot of local men and women sharing their stories of encounters.

Two different women called into the show and shared a personal story. It left us with a surreal. eerie feeling all day. We are glad they are still around to tell their story and our hearts go out to the victims and their families:

There were also brief stories told on Facebook from local folks. Here are a few:

"I took care of a lady who’d survived getting picked up by Ted Bundy too creepy."            ~Nichole

"My mom interviewed Ted Bundy and ended up not hiring him because she had a weird feeling. He later asked her out on a date. Remember, we're from Salt Lake City. He lived and worked there for a while."  ~Nellie

"My dad was an Oregon State Trooper stationed on the I-5 corridor during Bundy's active period. Around that time, he pulled a guy over in a slug bug near Springfield, OR, for a mundane traffic offense. He described feeling the hair stand up on the back of his neck. No major violations discovered, he let the man proceed. Bundy's mug flashed across the TV, nationwide, after his murder arrest several years later. Dad recounts how he knew he had seen "those eerie eyes" and realized that the unexplained hair raising stop from years prior was Bundy."  ~John

"My (now-deceased) former sister-in-law was approached by him when he was using the fake cast on his arm 'Can you help me?' ruse. Thank God she said 'no.'"   ~Dawn

"I remember being a little girl at Lake Sammamish in Issaquah and him coming up to my older cousin and I asking if we could come help him find his puppy, I started running as my cousin was going to help him and had my mom and my aunt come tell him that they would help him and he said it wasn’t necessary as his dog was back in his car. I’ll never forget that day as long as I live."  ~Gail


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