Of course we want hiking, cycling and horse-riding trails on Rattlesnake Mountain. But that's not really a "wish list" people! Come on! Think big! It's now or never!


  • DoctaFoxXx

    Zip Line

    This is my No. 1 idea. It would be pretty easy to install, have low impact on the nature preserve, and would definitely draw crowds. They'd be foolish NOT to.

  • 2

    Gondola to Red Mountain

    Think how appealing it'd be to wine shoppers.

  • MrMovieVideos via Youtube

    Alpine Slide

    OK, you'd have to abandon the idea of preserving nature, but this would be so fun!

  • Michael Valdez

    Replace missile silo with fireworks silo

    Townsquare Media organizes the River of Fire celebrations for July 4 shooting fireworks over the river, but what if there were a New Year's Eve show over Rattlesnake Mountain?!

  • Fuse

    Ski lift to the top

    What if I don't feel like hiking? Should I not be allowed to enjoy the mountain?

  • Ben Blankenburg

    Snowboard jumps and snow-making gun

    Yeah, this would be really expensive and dangerous and only usable like, one month a year. But it'd be AWESOME!

  • 7

    Water Park

    I have no idea how they'd pump enough water up there, or where we'd park, but how cool would it be to climb to the top of the tower, look out across the Mid Columbia and then go down a waterslide?