Here are 6 things you should stop doing RIGHT NOW. If you’re guilty of one, I still love you. If you’re guilty of more than one, STOP IT!

  • When you post an emotional reaction designed for just one person to see but you throw it out there for everybody. And it makes ALL your crazy and/or paranoid friends think, “Was that about me?”


  • IF using Facebook Live (it should be an IF question, not a WHEN question), remember to THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY! Have an introduction, a middle, and an ending in a reasonable amount of time. Don't go Live and spew random thoughts and waste everyone's time. It's called PREP!!


  • When people message their significant other on their public Facebook feed for all to see: "Jim, don't be late to the party at 6", "Fran, remember eggs at the store." "Did we decide to sign Jimmy up for karate?"


  • When married people post their love on Facebook. Of course you love each other, "IT'S WHY YOU'RE MARRIED!!!" What is the point in showing all of us? Trying to make us jealous? Are you hoping a specific ex sees it? Are you trying to prove to yourself you're in love? Who are you trying to convince?..hmmmmmmm


  • Sharing to everyone all the tests and surveys you take. Why do you think I care what your spirit animal is, or what NASCAR driver you could be fraternal twins with, or what Simpsons character you resemble?...I know , I know you don’t feel pretty today and need some attention.


  • And lastly, it doesn't really bother me, but why do you ask for people to tell you how pretty you are? Don't you know you're pretty if you think you're pretty? Confidence is beautiful, not a new dress or make-up line. You're sexy because you're awesome. So suck it up buttercup and remember, your butt looks great today.

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