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New requirements are coming when you're way when making phone calls in the 5-0-9. Beginning Sunday, October 24th, if you call a number in the 509 area code, you'll need to enter the area code in addition to the seven digit number.

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Credit: Benton County Emergency Services.
Credit: Benton County Emergency Services.

According to Benton County Emergency Services:

Beginning October 24th, anyone calling a phone number with a 5-0-9 area code will need to dial the area code in addition to the seven-digit number when making a local call.

The FCC has required the change to ensure that everyone in the country can access the new National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which uses the three-digit code 9-8-8.Business owners will want to make sure their marketing materials show the 509 area code. Residents will want to double check the contacts in their phones and if you have medical and security equipment, you’ll want to contact your providers and confirm the 509 area code is listed to ensure that the company can contact you in an emergency.

I have been accustomed to ALWAYS dialing the 5-0-9 area code ever since I arrived to the Tri-Cities from southern California and have kept my same phone number.

I always wondered if I should update to a 5-0-9 area code. I guess now, it doesn't really matter. Everyone will be required to enter the area code no matter what. N big deal for me. However, for those of you from the's going to be a process.

Get used to it.

You're welcome for the memory. ~ Patti

Enter that 5-0-9.

Read more about the change from our new partners at KEPR Action News here.

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