Cold, gloomy days often call for the comfort of Macaroni and Cheese. Whether yours is home made or a classic box of Kraft, here are some ways to make it more delicious and even more fun!

1. Add hamburger for that cheesy beefy mac flave!

2. Add cut up hot dogs...this is especially good with ketchup!

3. Serve it in a bread bowl like you do for spinach dip!

4. Make mac n'cheese sandwiches. This totally works...butter a single piece of bread, pile on the mac n'cheese, then fold and eat like a hot dog bun!

5. Most importantly, for the best mac n'cheese experience, remove the cheese packet from the box before you pour the macaroni into the boiling water! (You know you've done it!)

Steve Woods/TSM
Steve Woods/TSM

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