The new DUI-E law has gone into effect and that means a ticket for holding a cell phone in your hand while driving but we have some thoughts on how to avoid a ticket

Here are 5 ways to beat the new law according to our research...

I think the first way to beat the law is to turn off your phone and put it into the glove box. If the phone is out of sight, It'll be out of mind. I'm trying to be better at leaving the phone off but it's tough.

Here are four other thought provoking ideas according to an article that I found on

1. Cell-phone pullovers. Airports have cell-phone lots where you can pull over to wait for notification that the person you're picking up has landed. Why not extend this idea to other roads? We can't build lots everywhere, but we could post signs and mark shoulders to designate safe places for pulling over. That's where you could take your incoming call, pick it up from voice mail, or place and complete an outgoing call.

2. Carpooling. If you need to conduct business by phone while driving, team up with a colleague or neighbor. The driver drives; the passenger talks and keeps the call off speakerphone so the driver doesn't have to hear both ends of the conversation. You can always pull over and switch roles. It's like having a designated driver, except that with phones, unlike alcohol, the driver can indulge when he's not driving.

3. Mass transit. The most efficient way to let people yap while traveling is to pack them in a vehicle with a single designated driver. That's called public transportation. Transit agencies should take steps to facilitate passenger phone use, such as improving underground transmission. If noise is a problem, agencies can restrict phone use to texting. The important thing is to get phone users out of their cars.

Lastly, the article talks about technology preventing us from using our phones so I'm sure in the near future we'll see those apps arise on our phones for download.

You can check out the whole article here ----->

I know folks will be trying to beat the system but hopefully these ideas will take hold and help us all.


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