For our holiday party this year we're playing one of my favorite party games: "Things you didn't know about me." It's a wonderful guessing game perfect for a group of people who could get to know each other a little better -- or need the ice broken. Here are my top answers:

1. Driving home from visiting my dad at work when I was in the first grade, we accidentally drove up on a car accident and in full view there was a dead body mangled up in a barbed wire fence.

2. About 15 years ago I couldn't find my youngest son. Lost him. The police put out and all-alerts bulletin and everyone was scouring the neighborhood. After HOURS of frantic looking we finally found him napping in a fort he'd made with his giant teddy bears in his own bed room. I had to apologize to all the police through sobs of relief.

The last three are more light-hearted:

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