Kennewick High School Was Founded In 1904

One of the oldest high schools in the Tri-Cities has some impressive alumni.

Kennewick's High School "Fight" Song Is Based On "Old Wisconsin"

My step-son graduated from Kennewick High School last summer and he never got the chance to experience the old high school. A few years back, I had a parent/teacher conference at the school and it felt like I was walking back in time.

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Kennewick High School now has gorgeous new facilities and I'm sure the staff, students, and parents are loving it.

Did You Go To School With These Famous Alumni Of Kennewick High School?

I did an article a while back about Richland High School's famous alumni so it seems only appropriate to spotlight some of the outstanding alumni of Kennewick High School.

Here are 5 famous alumni that you might or might not know about from Kennewick High School.

Do You Recognize 5 Famous People That Graduated from Kennewick High School?

Kennewick High School in Kennewick Washington has had some amazing alumni, do you recognize these 5 famous people that graduated from Kennewick High School?

That's our list but I'm sure there are hundreds more accomplished alumni of Kennewick High School. If you know of one, drop us a line and we'll update our article.

As we leave Kennewick High School, we might as sing the official school song:

Onward Kennewick, onward Kennewick
Lions, fight for fame
Pass the ball right down the field (court) boys
Touchdown (Basket) ev'ry time!
Onward Kennewick, onward Kennewick Lions, fight for fame
Fight, Lions, fight-fight-fight
To win this game!

K! E! N! NEW! I! C! K!

Fight, lions, fight-fight-fight To win this game!!!

22 Famous Richland High School Bomber Alumni You Might Recognize

Here are 22 famous graduates of Richland High School that you might recognize. Sports, music, space, and public service, Richland High School has quite a few distinct graduates.

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