It was hot yesterday and that reminded me to find my swimsuit. Swimwear is a funny thing because has got to be the most personal thing we wear all year. As problematic as that is, we also love for our things to be personal, or rather extensions of our personality. When my wife can’t find something she really likes, she makes her own.  That got me thinking, if women can’t find a bathing suit they like, can they make their own? I discovered on YouTube that many have. Some even recycle old clothing like T-shirts and leggings! I’d be wary of using a T-shirt, however, since “wet T-shirt” is not a phrase usually used to market bathing suits. And sorry to be a wet blanket, but one of the DIY experts I found discouraged people from using old towels. It seems like an obvious choice, but apparently wearing a wet towel for hours is not at all comfortable. It also becomes heavy and sags. Check out these five creative and innovative ideas for making your own swimsuit:

Tamisha Glashen is not the best public speaker, but she’s easy to follow and has great ideas.


Here’s Tamisha again; similar style, but this one is a REALLY cool idea. She takes shiny leggings she doesn’t want anymore and uses the already-sewn portions to cut the sewing time in half! Leggings sometimes come in colors that go out of style, but anything goes as swimwear, right?


Here’s Tamisha AGAIN (come on, she’s got good ideas). In this one she tells you how to get a swimsuit pattern that will perfectly fit you without having to buy a real sewing pattern.


OK, here’s someone new. It’s all visual and the seamstress is moving a little too fast for my liking, but you get the idea. The music makes me feel like I’m at a weird European rave for DIY sewing fans. And the finished product does not appear to fit all that comfortably, but the end result is a more traditional bikini than what Tamisha was doing.


Here’s the T-shirt one. I think it’s very clever.

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