is pleased to announce the openings of 4 new trails in Oregon.

The kid and family friendly trails open in Pendleton (on June 18th), Hermiston, Boardman, and the McNary  Dam (on June 22nd). The new educationla trails will offer activities designed to engage kids and families with the sites' natural resources.

The Wildhorse Foundation and Oregon Parks Forever funded the trails.

TRACK Trails are a type of environmental scavenger hunt for young children and their families to get unplugged and active outdoors, offering a series of self-guided activities that turn an ordinary hike into a fun-filled, discovery-packed adventure. At the TRACK Trail’s trailhead, four brochure-led activities are available that help kids learn about topics such as flowers, trees, insects, salmon, and birds.

Where exactly, are the 4 new TRACK Trails located?

The trails are located at Community Park in Pendleton, Riverfront Park in Hermiston, the Riverwalk in Boardman, and at the McNary Dam.


“With each of our TRACK Trails, we hope to engage children in the joys of outdoor exploration,” said Jason Urroz, director of Kids in Parks. “Our ultimate goal is to provide families with fun activities that help them fall in love with nature, discover the value our parks and public lands hold for their lives, and become future stewards of these magnificent places.”

With the addition of these 4 trails, the count of TRACK Trails in Oregon is 19.

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Oregon Parks Forever's goal is to provide 50 TRACK Trails across the state of Oregon. There are TRACK trails in LaGrande, Madras, Prineville, Estacada, Dallas, and Newport. The statewide network of TRACK Trails will allow families to travel around the state learning about Oregon's natural, cultural, and historic resources. Learn more about Oregon's TRACK Trails at

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