On my way to work this morning, heading down Keene Rd. in Richland, tons of flashing police lights caught my attention.

There were several cop cars at the Queensgate 12 Cinema parking lot. By this time I've only had one cup of coffee and my brain is trying to figure out what might have happened. Was there a chase that ended in that parking lot? Was it a suspicious person with a gun? Surely it's not because someone broke into a theater at 4 a.m., right? WRONG! That's exactly what it was. Was she jonesing for Dots and Sno Caps at that hour of the morning? Maybe microwave popcorn just won't do and she needed the really good stuff? Or perhaps she is homeless and wanted to warm up. Police don't yet know why she broke in, but she's toasty warm in the Benton County jail now. Not many details yet, but the story from NBC Right Now is HERE.

Richland Police have arrested a 30-year-old woman for breaking into the Fair Child Cinemas overnight in Richland.

Posted by NBC Right Now Tri-Cities on Wednesday, October 14, 2020


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