Just so happens this occurred less than 3 minutes from my family's home. The scene was where these cars are parked alongside the street.

Sunday afternoon crash leaves 3 wadded up vehicles

Around 4:30 PM Eastern Sunday afternoon, Kennewick Police responded to a 3-vehicle hit-and-run crash on North Arthur, less than 100 feet south of Kamiakin High School.

According to Police, a person driving a white van was headed south on North Arthur when for some reason they veered towards the curb and slammed into the back of another vehicle parked along the sidewalk by the Pepper Tree Apartments.

The van hit the back of an SUV, which was then turned left and shoved into the back of a white sedan parked in front of it.

   Apparently driver fled before anyone could ID them.

Police didn't say if any direct witnesses, but a small group of persons was gathered at the scene waiting for Police to arrive.

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We've seen our share of drivers using North Arthur as a 'drag strip,'  KPD has even parked an empty patrol cruiser in the staff lot in front of the school to act as a deterrent--drivers coming down the road think an officer is watching the area.

   Gun found by the front seat of vehicle

The most unusual part of this story is that a firearm was left on the driver's seat after the crash. No word if it was loaded, but this alarming discovery was made shortly after the crash.

No word if police have any leads on who the driver is. The investigation continues.

To see images of the crash, click here. 


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