The possibility of a full-scale return of live music in 2021 is still a big ol' question mark, thanks to the novel coronavirus pandemic, but that hasn't stopped artists and fans from starting to fill their calendars with plans for festivals. The already-announced events promise both fun and safe ways to see live music.

In "normal times," country, Americana, folk and bluegrass artists start their festival runs early in the year, opting in for multi-artist bills in warmer locations. In 2021, most of the events that typically run in the winter and spring months have been pushed back, or haven't yet announced their plans for the year; however, some have been canceled.

Keep reading for all the up-to-date details on 2021's country music festivals. More information, including ticketing details, are available at the provided links. More festivals and details will be added, too, as they're announced.

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