It's that time of year for road trips in Washington State and you're going to be passing through a bunch of small towns.

Rik Mikals

Some of the towns will stand out and some will go by in a flash. If you blink, you might miss them.

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google street view
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If you are a true Washingtonian, the question is how many of these small towns in Washington have you been to?


A few of these towns are just down the road from the Tri-Cities like Wallula and Spangle which is outside Spokane.

Where is the smallest town that is incorporated in Washington State?

We've only included the incorporated census for Washington State because if not, we'd have to include places like Anatone as the smallest places in Washington State.

We've compiled the top 20 least populated towns in Washington. We are going all the way from the #20 to #1 spot for the least populated town and yes, Wallula makes the top 4 on our list.

These Are The 20 Least Populated Towns In Washington State

Have you ever been to one of these 20 least populated towns in Washington State

That's our list, so how many of these towns have you been to?

My total was five out of 20.


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