I could barely survive community college, yet this young scholar has four degrees already. He's not even old enough to be a freshman in high school. The craziest part? It only took him 2 years. So, you're telling me an 11-year-old enrolled in college and proceeded to rattle off associates degrees in arts and human expression and history, social behavior and self-development, and social sciences? Holy cow. Jack Rico is the youngest graduate in Fullerton College's 107-year history. My hat goes off to him. It's a little upsetting he won't be able to have a traditional graduation ceremony, but hopefully, he can have an all-out party once he graduates from the University of Nevada. He'll have a doctorate by the time he's old enough to drive, I'd imagine.

You're gonna go far kid. I'll have a beer in your honor since you're far to young to have one yourself.

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