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There's been a lot of buzz around Thursday's (tomorrows) full moon, because it's going to occur at 12 o'clock on 12-12.  Pretty cool!

However, as rare as this is, you will probably want to stay up late tonight to see if, it weather permits.

The actual full moon will take place at 5:12am GMT (which is London England) it's based upon the observatory upon which many lunar and other clocks are based. That's 3:12am Eastern time, so it would be 12:12AM Pacific --our time.

It will take a few minutes for it to achieve a complete circle, absolute fullness, which is why at 12AM our time it will be almost complete.  Close enough.

Throw in the fact that we're expecting heavy clouds and precipitation, but if you wish, you can stare up at the sky and see if any light breaks through. It is indeed rare, the last full moon of the decade, and for those into numerology, 12 days til Christmas etc etc.



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