It's tough to walk away from a get house or rental because you aren't proud of the address. After all, not everyone can write 90210 on their envelopes.

  • 1

    Bumpaous Road

    Sounds like the pesky neighbors with the pack of dogs in "A Christmas Story"

    Andrew Kirk
  • 2

    Coffin Road

    It should be "COUGHING ROAD" have you ever been in a wind storm in this area?

    Andrew Kirk
  • 3

    Elm Street

    Nuff Said!  ((shiver))

    Andrew Kirk
  • 4


    Sounds like that disgusting cup your coworker uses for spitting!

    Andrew Kirk
  • 5

    Gum Street

    It would funnier if it was "Bubble Yum"

    Andrew Kirk
  • 6

    Strange Drive

    Stranger Danger!!  Stranger Danger!!

    Andrew Kirk
  • 7

    Tinkle Street

    Well, at least it's better than Poopy drive.

    Andrew Kirk
  • 8

    YOLO Street

    Probably the most awesomeness street name everrrrr!

    Andrew Kirk