This stuff is so good, you can't make it up. I can't believe people actually write this stuff. Here are the strangest Tri-Cities "missed connections" from Craigslist for October.

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    Smoke Shop - m4w (Kennewick)

    I came into a smoke shop on Clearwater that you were in the other day and really wanted to say something to you. You were working on your computer at the counter. I thought you were beautiful and would love to get to know you. I ended up getting something for free as I was leaving, what was it?
    I really hope you see this, I was so dumb for not saying hello.

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    Castle late night - m4w (Kennewick)

    Well you may or may not see this...I come in fairly often and most the time your working...I usually take my time and just browse, cause it all turns me on can't never figure out what to get...your the blonde gal, you were training someone last evening...but you always seem to talk to me and offer advice on products and stuff...and I'm quite shy so I just kinda smile and say thank you, cause well shy about covers that!! I wish I new what to say or was good at conversation.. But your smile is amazing! And you seem to be very bright and outgoing...and I just wanted to say thanks, the little talking you have done and that smile of yours has brightened my day/night on more then one occasion! And the past few months, it has actually meant quite a bit! So thank you for being you! I imagine your taken but if by some odd chance you'd like to get coffee or a Sri k sometime I'd probably figure out how to squawk out a "that'd be awesome" response..And I was the guy who browsed until close last evening and you cashed me out...told me about the discounts and sale on panties(and as much as like sexy panties there's no one for me to admire them on!) But thanks for letting me know

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    Maya at duck park - m4w

    We met a few years ago at the duck park and hung out. You drove a white car with a baby car seat in the back and I had a gray van.

    I think I saw you about a week ago at Home Goods with your daughter. It would have made sense that long ago she is all grown up.

    I wanted to say hi and let's hook up again, but didn't want to blow your cover or mine.

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    Its been so long.... You would come to me anytime! - w4m

    I'm sorry it ended with me being a b!#ch it's been a long time. We had lots of fun together. I liked your pugs.

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    Baracuda coffee shop - m4w

    It was about 6pm today. Chatted for a bit. You are absolutely stunning. Would love to talk more. Can you tell me what we talked about?

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    Her night doesn't need armor. Edited. - m4w

    Months needed to transform. Shedding unwanted, now unnecessary protective layers of armor. Seeing clear his eyes look toward's the clear blue ski. Breathing fresh clean air. His mind racing uncontrollably, gut instinct's. The overwhelming drive to find the her. The journey to find his way back. Knowing he now has the strength to face the danger's of this path. He'll never fear another thing keeping them from the love they will share. He's learned how to destroy what lurks in the dark. She will see the peace and energy he creats around him. Seeing more than she expected. The abrasive, broken armor was gone... Earning his title as king. Feeling her energy. It gives him the reassurance that her flam burns the brightest. His long Journey will end at her side. There flames will burn hot enough to inspire others. There love will fill the hearts of the weary. Peace and tranquility will rule over there kingdom forever.

    Fairy tails.......

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    Beautiful blonde next to Steve Largent at Buffalo Wild Wings - m4w

    I noticed you came to watch the games with your friend by yourself maybe next week we can all watch the games together? You already have a picture of me and im a pretty bad ass dude so if you are single message me back.

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    What happened to my HR poo Lady - m4w

    I was away finally back hadn't heard from you in a week or so your Kik didn't work any more I changed mine I shouldn't have I can't stop thinking about you it's the same as before but with sixtynine on the end. I need you. We need to finish what we had worked on.

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    I kept starring at u at zips drive threw window - m4w

    Hey to the girl at zips drive threw.I was ridin passenger seat just starring at you.i noticed u starring back.if u by any chance see this we should hook was around 3:20 pm.

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    Zoosk RoyallyRomatic - m4w

    Lonnnnng shot here. I have never done this and don't expect it to work but here goes nothing:

    I don't know why but I'm on Zoosk and I never respond to messages or pay to talk to people. I saw your profile and you saw mine. If you see this, please respond and I'll gladly tell you more about me and we can chat or whatever. You are by FAR more of an interest than anyone else on there; hence, this rediculous long shot on the shakiest site out there.
    Hope to hear from you.

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