Experts are warning that this weekend will be a hot one in the Mid-Columbia with highs in the low and mid 90's. That means folks will be flocking to the water in large numbers, so here's your reminder to wear your life jacket. That also means that every media outlet will begin the summer long, constant pounding of common sense regarding kids and pets left inside a hot car (which can cause death). And while it is common sense not to do so, it still happens every year. So I thought I'd take a different approach and give the 10 reasons you SHOULD leave kids and pets in a hot car. Maybe it'll help click something in the brain with the common sense thing, I don't know.

1. You were just going to leave them for 30 seconds

2. And then

3. You got distracted

4. Because someone

5. Asked a question

6. Now bystanders

7. Are smashing

8. Your windows out

9. And you're going

10. To jail

Well, I couldn't actually come up with any reasons but I hope this sticks in someone's head and prevents a tragedy. Have a nice day!


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