The so called 'experts' have the Forty Niners favored in tonight's match with Seahawks by 6.5. Here are my 10 reasons the Seahawks will be victorious!

1. The experts aren't having a good week, they also thought KC would beat Tennessee yesterday. Nope.

2. The also thought the Saints would crush the Falcons yesterday. Nope.

3. They also thought the Colts would beat the Dolphins. Nope.

4. San Francisco TE George Kittle is questionable at best for tonight's game.

5. Russell Wilson's MVP caliber play.

6. Tyler Locket, DK Metcalf. No more need be said.

7. Chris Carson averaging over 100 yds. rushing since week 5.

8. The Seahawks addition of Josh Gordon. I saw a tweet from him this weekend that made it look like he is a GO for tonight.

9. Germain Ifedi hardly gets a penalty anymore. YAY Germain!

10. Refer to item #5.

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