When I graduated high school most people mailed me $5 and one loving aunt ordered me business cards. If I won Washington's Lottery I'd do a lot better for my nieces and nephews, but heck, why not gift EVERY graduating senior in Tri-Cities?! Here are 10 things I'd give everyone receiving a diploma this month! Let's be honest, the funnest part of having extra money is surprising others by sharing it! If I won A LOT of extra money in Washington's Lottery, I'd have A LOT of fun surprising kids.

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  • 1

    Take Everyone to the Movies!

    I'd rent every theater in every cineplex in Tri-Cities and invite any graduating senior to come see "Wonder Woman" or "Transformers"

  • 2

    Rent Silverwood & Charter Buses

    Meet me at one of those abandoned parking lots Hanford built in Richland, and we'll all climb aboard a dozen chartered buses and drive up to Silverwood for the day!

  • 3

    Buy Everyone an Ice Cream Cone

    My personal favorite are the giant ones at Country Mercantile (but tell them not to forget the marshmallow at the bottom so it doesn't drip out the bottom of the cone!

  • 4

    Take Everyone to the Water Park!

  • 5

    Buy Everyone a Burger at Zip's

    Seniors, you're going to miss meeting up at Zip's for a burger and shake after the game. So you can go one last time as a student on me!

  • 6

    Rent 3 dozen motorboats for waterskiing!

    I'm not sure how many motorboats are available for rent in Tri-Cities, but I'd rend EVERY SINGLE ONE and take EVERYBODY waterskiing on the Columbia! We'd be a giant fleet of fun!

  • 7

    Rent every campsite on Mt. Rainier!

    Remember all those charter buses? Well, I'd load them up with tents and sleeping bags and together we'd TAKE OVER Mt Rainier! Half start at Outlook and half start at Paradise and if we all climb as high as we can by lunch, a drone should be able to get a group photo ON THE ENTIRE MOUNTAIN!

  • 8

    Schedule and Extra Day of Seahawks Spring Training!

    I'm not sure how long spring training camp lasts, but I'd pay millions to have them go an extra day and ONLY WE CAN GO! Everybody who wants one can have a selfie with their favorite player!

  • 9

    Close the Blue Bridge for a Giant Block Party!

    I'm not sure where your prom venue was, but THIS would truly be the dance of a lifetime. We'll close the entire Blue Bridge and have a massive dance. No formal dresses and tuxes, just bringing your dancing shoes. I'll schedule six different DJs across the bridge playing different genres so you can find your jam. And I'll hire food trucks to cater! Just don't fall over the railings!

  • 10

    Book Blue Man Group for the Toyota Center!

    Must show your student ID to get in... the Toyota Center will host BLUE MAN GROUP and it'll be just us in attendance! That'd be so fun!

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