So, you say you'd like to crawl under a rock and ignore all of the political, social and economic shenanigans until it's all over, maybe, November 3rd?  Well, now you can, literally. New Mexico
loading... is offering the ultimate off-the-grid experience as you'll stay in a man-made cave 50 feet underground in New Mexico from November 2nd through November 7th.

This in not a man cave. This is a man-made cave. Big difference.

Once you get your official ballot from the state of Washington, fill it out, drop it in the mail or one of the drop boxes for ballots, and then get away from it all - the noise, the unrest, the division, the COVID!

Joe Belkin, vice president of global brands at says, "Political fatigue is real regardless of the year or election. We're transforming an age-old idiom into a bookable experience, so individuals can relax, recharge and recover, because who knows what else 2020 has in store for us."

Staying on the property costs just $5 a night and the booking page will go LIVE at 6:00 a.m. PDT, tomorrow, Friday, October 9th. Since it's first come, first served on the booking, of course it's a long shot, but worth the chance to hook it and turn it into one heck-of-a-story.

Think about it. Five nights in the New Mexico cave for a price of just $5 a night — that’s $25 for the entire stay. New Mexico New Mexico

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