I've been looking for something like this for quite a while. Yes, there are tons of units out there that will play your iPod or MP3 player, but I'm not just ON the radio, I love radio, so I need one that's am/fm, too. That's the first problem solved with the "ion Tailgater."

The second thing is, I want to be wireless. That means a great system I can have in the front yard, the back yard, a BBQ next door or out camping with no power cord required, and this little thing has awesome rechargeable batteries!   Good for 12 hours on a single charge!  The only other units I could find like that were job site radios like DeWalt, but they're $169 and have a bunch of things I don't need like extention cord outlets.

The Tailgater is $129 at Walmart and comes with a mic incase you get karaoke fever!  The sound is good, but not stereo...you really don't miss the lack of separation outdoors and I'm very happy with it.

There also the "Blockrocker" which is a larger version that has wheels and a retractable handle like a suitcase.

Let the summer time tunes roll!!