With the weather warming up and schools being out for summer, odds are you’re trying to figure out what to do to occupy your kids’ time this summer. Or maybe you’re like me and just itching to get outside some more.

For me, the first place I head to when I need some new outdoor gear is Ranch & Home. They have everything I could need for the great outdoors, and more.

No matter your activity level, you might need new shoes if want to be comfortable. A brand that I love is Keen. Ranch & Home carries 60-80 different styles of Keen at all times, including trail shoes, slip-ons for casual wear and everyday sneakers.

Whether you’re boating, fishing, or hiking, Keen is the way to go. Believe me, my wife and I both own a pair and love how they conform to our feet perfectly. It gives the ultimate comfort when we're covering a lot of ground in a day.

If you’re looking to pick up a new outdoor hobby, Ranch & Home likely also has anything you need to get started. I noticed their disc golf selection has seemed pretty busy as the sport gets more and more popular. Ranch & Home has everything for the beginner if you’re just starting out. If you’re more of an advanced player on the market for something better or just need a new one because yours has been used a lot, they have fairway drivers, midrange, and putt and approach discs.

No matter what you’re looking to add to your summer outdoor fun, Ranch & Home is the place for you. Stop by soon and tell them Woody sent you!