Nobody has won more Cy Young Awards than Roger Clemens. He was an intimidating and incredible pitcher in the MLB for decades, winning the award 7 times. Clemens was one of the most dominant hurlers in the show, winning two World Series titles. Clemens made the All-Star Game 11 times, won 2 Triple Crown pitching titles, was 5x strike out champ, and won over 350 games. He's on the MLB's All-Century Team.

Roger Clemens pitches
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But what was the Rocket doing in the 509?

Our former co-worker "The Brad" Prescott, runs music for the Tri-City Dust Devils. Brad ran into Clemens in the Dust Devils press box. Roger was in town to see his son, Kacy play against the Dust Devils. Kacy plays for the Vancouver Canadiens, a minor league club with the Toronto Blue Jays.

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