It's the middle of the night and you're cruising the beautiful metropolis of Kennewick, Washington. The urge hits to do a little burnout, after all, you just watched the new Fast and Furious movie. But then oops! You didn't notice the cop sitting there and you did your burn out right in front of him. What's the big deal? Not much. The driver got a ticket for reckless driving and operating a motor vehicle without proof of insurance and a few other infractions, according to the Kennewick Police Facebook post below. I'm kind of surprised that they let him drive away without proof of insurance, but then again they don't make the laws they only enforce them. And I'm sure the driver was not impaired or his night would have been much worse. But the comments below vary from anger to laughing about the whole situation. Back when I was cruising the drag in my 1970 Firebird, I never got caught burning the tires, because I couldn't afford tires that often! But my friends and I did get pulled over a few times and nobody went to jail. In fact, growing up in Butte, Montana, a speeding ticket would cost you a $5 bill. And yes, you paid the cop on the spot (true). Those were the good old days!

So should this driver have gone to jail? Nah. Just having a little fun. But get some damn insurance, would ya! And try not to kill anybody. And look for cops next time.


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