More power to those who feel the need to be so up-close-and personal among such beasts of the deep.

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

The diver who posted this video of a shark taking the Go Pro Camera mounted on top of a pole into his mouth, play tug-of-war for four-seconds and then let go, is enough to pretty much keep me from swimming in the ocean for the rest of the summer.

This happened to a man who has photographed thousands of sharks and not one has ever gone after the camera.

The diver surmises the chomp was a friendly one, more of a curiosity to see what it was than aggression. If the shark wanted to, a forceful bite would have destroyed the device.

Powerful, scary and beautiful. Better than him than me down there, but I'll certainly marvel at the fruits of his efforts.



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