In the Benton and Franklin county areas the Washington State Department of Natural Resources are saying the risk of wildfires is very high. With the dry cold front coming in, it's creating the perfect conditions for fires to strike up. And add in some high winds and we've got the perfect element to help those fires spread.

Officials are saying that Benton and Franklin counties are at the highest risk of any areas in the state right now. There are fire restrictions in place such as no residential burning in Benton county. To find out all the restrictions in Benton County, call (509) 783-6198 and (800) 406-5322 for Franklin County.
Please be fire smart. Follow the rules, and when putting out fires make sure they are completely out. Make sure grills are off, and you have a fire extinguisher handy when grilling. And please don't flick your cigarettes out of the car or anywhere but a proper receptacle when it's FULLY out.



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