PURSUIT TO WALLULA, RICHLAND MAN IN CUSTODY: Thursday afternoon at about 2:47 PM, Officer Mario Becho located a minivan that was associated with a shoplift report that had just occurred. When he attempted to stop it, it failed to yield and headed eastbound out of Pasco, ending up on Highway 12 headed toward Burbank. Once on the highway, the van gained speed and the driver upgraded his crime to Felony Eluding. Other officers joined in, including a WSP trooper. The pursuit went past the Wallula Paper Mill and turned into the small town of Wallula, where it ended. Edward Ralph Fernald, DOB 073063 of Richland, was arrested without incident and booked into Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for Attempting to Elude and Possession of Stolen Vehicle. Oh, and five arrest warrants scattered through Benton County.

It started at the Pasco Yoke’s where a male consistent with Fernald’s physical description was reported as a shoplifter who left in a minivan. Witnesses gave the police the license plate. When officers checked with the owner, he reported that he left it parked at the King City Truck Stop with the keys hidden inside, and nobody had permission to be driving it. Shortly after that, sharp-eyed Officer Becho found it at a gas station just off Highway 12 on the P-K Highway, but it refused to stop for him. The minivan hit the highway, starting out at a sedate 40 MPH, but it eventually wound up to speeds of 90 MPH toward the end. The arrest was made on Ross Way in Wallula in Walla Walla County. Pasco case PP19-03544 Eluding.

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