Did you know most of the dangerous, invasive or deadly insects detected in Washington state over the last 30 years were found by citizens just like you? Of the 70 species who 'moved in' 36% were found by homeowners.

The Washington State Recreation and Conservation office reminds people to check their trees and pool filters this month, as it's Tree Check Month.

Most homeowners are used to certain types of insects hanging around their yard, but sometimes you come across one that just looks out of place, perhaps is alarming or just doesn't seem right. Conservation office officials say it's hunches that had led to officials finding out certain invasive insect species have 'invaded.'

Invasive species are bugs that kill off trees, plants, and other insects, upsetting eco systems.

Another easy way to check is your pool filter.  At night, pools are almost like bug lights for insects seeking water.

Some recent bugs to keep and eye out for include the Citrus Longhorn Beetle, The Emerald Ash Borer and the Spotted Lantern Fly.  These are all bugs that officials are asking people to keep an eye out for. They are fast spreading across the U.S. and officials are watching to see if they've entered yet. The Longhorn Beetle has already been found in our state, but in several areas eradicated.

Besides looking out for bugs, homeowners should notice if previously healthy plants, trees, even flowers suddenly die or appear to have been chewed, bored into or otherwise eaten.   If you find what you think is an invasive species, go to the Washington State Invasive Species council website where you can report it.

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