The time has come to end a relationship. Maybe it's a boyfriend, a wife, a friendship; nut no matter what, the time has come to move on. So what do you do? How do you start that process? Sometimes it just happens. You're having a argument, it gets heated, and boom someone one (or the both of you) are saying you're done! Other times, it's a decent conversation, and even though it's never a good time to end something, there's a good way to go about it.

In an ideal world relationships would end in a peaceful, calm, and mutually respectable way. But we all live in the real world where break-ups suck and are usually not that great. And while there are many bad ways to end a relationship, what do you think is the WORST? Phone, text, email, ghosting? Take the poll below and tell us what you think is the worst!! Oh, and if you don't know what 'ghosting' is, ask your kids.

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