The Kennewick police were busy busting multiple crooks this weekend on Columbia Center Boulevard. One tried to steal almost $1,500.00 in clothes before being chased down in the parking lot!

Police arrested 23 year old Lavanndre Saab after reports they allegedly took $1,497.00 of clothes from a store on the 1300 block of Columbia Center Blvd and left without paying.

Kennewick police found and confronted Saab in the parking lot. Saab tried to flee but was caught after a short foot chase and charged with Theft in the Second Degree, a felony.

The same day, Kennewick police responded to another theft on the 800 block of Columbia Center Blvd. Three people that were connected to the theft were arrested.

China Flowers was arrested for allegedly trying to steal an item from the store. The two other suspects, Nathan Weiss  and Cooper Bricker were arrested on unrelated charges of suspended license and an outstanding warrant.

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