The Voice's Season 15 kicked off Monday night (Sept. 24) tonight, featuring coaches Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton. The premiere provided a multi-genre palette of talent, with country music well represented in the mix — resulting in the expected battles between Clarkson and Shelton to nab the best country singers this season.

A standout contestant was 29-year-old Mikele Buck, an Iraq veteran who presented a tragic story: One of his military friends, struck with PTSD, sadly committed suicide. Buck noted tearfully, “Everyone is worrying about who’s kneeling for a flag or what some politician said, when we’ve got this problem. I don’t get it."

He also presented a moving version of "She Used to be Mine" by Brooks & Dunn, which Shelton immediately recognized. At the very last second, both Shelton and Clarkson turned their chairs.

Although Shelton advised that Buck would be able to hit America "straight in the gut," Clarkson charmed by noting that "Ronnie Dunn and Travis Tritt are my favorite country singers since I was a kid," and pointed to Shelton, saying "My husband is his manager."

"I'm just saying, I know where you're probably gonna go," Clarkson admitted.

To that, Buck responded, "You ever go turkey huntin'?"

Clarkson enthused "My husband took me turkey huntin' for my 30th birthday! I swear to God. But I'm gonna be real. I couldn't shoot it."

The final decision lay with Buck's family, who on the sidelines called for him to choose Clarkson. And so he did, much to the superstar's delight.

We'll be following all the Voice shenanigans from start to finish this season, with a focus on country music's offerings, so check here each week to see how your favorites are faring. We'll keep you up to date!

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