Washington Lottery

10 Best Ways to Blow Your Lottery Millions in Tri-Cities [SPONSORED]
If I won tens of millions of dollars in the lottery I'd stay right here in Tri-Cities, but it wouldn't look the same after I got done! Here are a few ideas at the top of my list. If you win, how would you share (and with whom)?
When you win a Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot it’s not just you who w…
Mega Millions Rises to 540-Million
If you thought a half a billion was big - hang on!  The jackpot has officially been raised to 540-million dollars for the drawing on Friday.   I wouldn't doubt if it grows again tomorrow.
Winning Mega Millions Ticket?
I"m fairly certain that I'm not the only one who day dreams about winning the lottery.  It usually happens to me when I'm feeling financially insecure or when I see a neighbor drive by with a fancy sports car.   Envy?  Yes!
Pasco – Lottery Winner Announced!
Deborah Harden is a Pasco resident, mother of two, grandmother of three, a buyer for Griggs department store and now a Washington’s Lottery Lotto jackpot winner! Deborah won the third largest Washington’s Lottery Lotto jackpot– $9...