throwback thursday

Throwback Thursday: This is What I Was Doing 33 Years Ago.
I can't even believe 1981 was 33 years ago. It just doesn't seem right. But math never lies and I was a baby DJ at KXLF in Butte and just had to have a custom license plate boasting my chosen profession.
I so regretted that plate when I later worked at crosstown KBOW and had to drive into t…
Throwback Thursday: Remember When Dixie Chicks Screwed Up?
The Dixie Chicks were some of our favorite country artists for over a decade! They caused controversy criticizing President George W. Bush in 2003, then made a come back in 2007 with "Not Ready to Make Nice," but they just haven't been our country darlings ever since. What are…
Throwback Thursday: Oh No, I Didn't! Oh Yes, I Did!
For today's Throwback Thursday I did the unthinkable: old photos of the KORD crew! I was working at a station in Pittsburgh for much of the 2000's but Greg, Faith and Paul were supplying your KORD continuous country a decade ago!
Graduates of Columbia High School, You're Not Forgotten
If you're a proud graduate of Columbia High School in Richland, your school has been renamed. The building is the same, but no one knows what "Col Hi" is anymore. You're not alone. You can commiserate with graduates of White Bluffs High School.
Throwback Thursday: Let's Go Road Trippin'!
For today's Throwback Thursday let's salute the men and women who keep our freeways clean and safe! Summer travel means these folks work overtime on our behalf. Enjoy these photos of road crews (plus a service station) from the early 1930s in the Tri-Cities area.

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