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Get $25 at 'That Place' in North Richland for Only $12.50!
Starting today you can get food and drink half off at north Richland's newest restaurant "That Place." Half the office went together last week and found it absolutely gourmet with a hip and classy interior and FIVE large screens for watching sports.
Where to Get Best Seahawks Gear + How to Get It Half Price!
I decided to use my “DEAL of the WEEK” voucher (they are still available at for at 218 West Kennewick Avenue and when I stopped by at 2:00 p.m. Tuesday afternoon I was HAPPY to see they are ALREADY getting Seahawk Super Bowl XLIX goodi…
Our Online Auction Closes at 7 p.m.! Don't Miss Out!
Our online auction closes at 7 p.m.! Don't miss a chance to get great stuff and services at a steep discount -- including a Cadillac! The $10,000 car is going for $3,600 right now. 12 hour-long massages (worth $1068) are hot right now. They started at $460 and are up to $510! Don't miss ou…
Get $20 for $10 at Shrub Steppe Smokehouse Brewery!
Just wait until you see what I ordered from Shrub Steppe Smokehouse & Brewery in this video! Well worth a quick trip on the Bypass to 240 toward Horn Rapids at 2000 Logston Blvd., Richland, about a mile out on the right (north) side of Highway 240 from Jadwin Avenue. Ca...

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