School Closures and Delays for December 13th 2016
*Columbia-Burbank Sch. Dist. - Buses on snow routes Posted: Tue. 13th, 05:36 AM
* Prescott Sch. Dist. - 2 Hours Late. No AM practice Posted: Tue. 13th, 04:53 AM
* Richland Sch. Dist. - Buses on snow routes Posted: Tue. 13th, 05:30 AM
Sorry Kids, it looks like you're going back today...
School Delays and Closures for December 2nd
• Benton Franklin Head Start - No AM Headstart Posted: Wed. 2nd, 05:36 AM
• College Place Sch. Dist. - 2 Hours Late, No AM preschool Posted: Wed. 2nd, 05:14 AM
• Columbia-Burbank Sch. Dist. - 2 Hours Late. No morning preschool for Mrs...
No More Swings in Richland School Yards! - End of an Era
Badger Mountain and Tapteal elementaries' swings were already gone the first day of school. Jefferson's have been gone for a while. Sacajawea and Marcus Whitman will lose theirs soon. Kennewick schools lost theirs years ago and Pasco hasn't had swings in 20 years. What the cuss! It&ap…
10 Tips to Succeed in College!
You or your child is now a couple weeks into college and if it's freshman year, you may be experiencing shock! Don't worry, take a deep breath, and follow this advice to succeed:
10 Best Alarm Clocks for People Who Can't Get Out Bed
School starts in about four weeks and we all know someone who's going to have trouble waking up early again -- or maybe someone who always has trouble waking up early. Here are 10 fantastic ideas to help those sleepyheads get up and at 'em!
Starting Summer School? Top 13 Ways to Study
When I got to college I almost flunked my freshman year by partying too much. Then I buckled down and learned to study. The sooner you learn how, the better off you'll be. Honestly, I think learning to study is as simple as learning to sit in one, quiet place and focus on what you're readi…

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