Withdrawn Momma Dog Finally Reunited With Puppies [VIDEO]
The owner of this dog decided to surrender only the mother.
The Chihuahua mix named Cora was extremely withdrawn after she was left at the Marin Humane Society located in California. She started acting aggressive, scared and moping.
The shelter contacted the previous owner and found out she recently h…
Cutest Grand Baby Ever!
Ok Well, this is my oldest son and his wife Vanessa's first baby! Lol..I'm a pretty proud Grammy!
If all goes well...maybe someday I'll have a human one. But for now..this is just fine!
Cute Puppy Alert!
My son and his wife went to look at pups while they were here visiting. They are newly married and ready for an addition to the family. These pups are half Shitzu and half Pomeranian.
Super cute!
Cute Pups!
I saw this, on Facebook this morning... It's so cute! You have to watch the whole thing to see the end result.
It's amazing how "human" dogs can really be. I'm always impressed at the level of intelligence and kindness I see in my pets!
Is It Brotherly Love Or Puppy Love? Watch and You Decide
My son owns the sibling brother of my Rhodesian Ridgeback pup, so when they came for the Holidays they brought him along. The two had so much fun playing together and wrestling 24\7 that at times they were just completely exhausted! It was so cute how they would hang out together the whole time...
What's Wrong With This Picture? Help!
Yes, it's apparent I need Cesar Millan.
My new Rhodeisan Ridgback pup is now about 15 weeks. And boy, is he a handful! He keeps me going 24/ ! He's like a mouth with legs wanting to chew everything in site! And although he is such a tough little guy, to appease his vocal displeasure so I ca…
My 14 Wk Old Pup!
I bought some new chew toys for my dogs today! I thought I'd post the video so you can see how big he is getting! I love him. He's sooo cute!
He is very energetic and goes into the" fight and bite" mode tearing up everything around him, so I have to keep toys and bones aro…