Plan On Traveling to Portland?...You May Want to Read This
According to Oregon department of transportation Facebook page :
I-84 remains closed between Exit 17 in Troutdale and Exit 62 in HoodRiver because of the continuing #EagleCreekFire. Motor carriers should expect I-84 in the Gorge to be closed at least through this weekend, perhaps longer...
Portland Oregon Fans Will Love This Video!
In “Yesterday’s Tomorrow,” they positioned cameras  to the same location where the originals were taken. such a good job peeps!!
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Swim Nude Like a Mermaid in The Northwest? ..... Do it!!
Have you ever wanted to strip your bathing suit off and flop around in the water like the chick in JAWS!!...except no sharks....you'll be doing it front of many...and not in the ocean!!
The Naked Goddess Swim, where women shed their suits and inhibitions to swim as Goddesses in the full moonligh…
Live Just Like Harry Potter in Portland for Just $300 a Month!
You remember that little Harry Potter spent most of his formative years living in a closet under the stairs. And if that's always been a dream of yours to live in that tiny closet, that dream can now come true! There's a guy in Portland renting out the closet under his stairs for $300...
Woman Learns Fastest Way to Be Kicked Out of a Movie Theater
Movie theater staff are pretty patient people. Considering they're mostly teenagers, and deal with some really grumpy (and messy) people sometimes, they do a great job. But there are couple things you could do or say to be immediately evicted... and one Portland woman discovered one:

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