Miki Harvey

Plastic Surgery Sabbatical?
Rumors have been BUZZING about  Greg! What has he been doing with his time off? Many imaginary sources have been leaking information about Greg's whereabouts.
Last week Greg was seen walking outside of 'South Beach Cosmetic Surgery for Men' in Miami...
Fashion Pet Peeves
Most of us have had some seriously questionable style moments. Some moments last longer than others. Remember acid wash jeans or big hair? Here is a list of fashion pet peeves that the KORD Waking Crew has!
How to Adorn Yourself Affordably in the Tri-Cities
For dressing cheaply, the Tri-Cities has half-a-dozen thrift stores including Good Will, Value Village, and Plato’s Closet as well as discount stores such as Ross Dress for Less and TJ Max.
Tri-Cities shopping (especially bargain shopping) is very limited. We ...