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Perfect Wines To Pair With Halloween Candy
Halloween is coming and let's face it you know you're going to sample the kids candy. With that said why not try the 'Kids' candy with some of your favorite wine! The Columbia Basin after all is Washington's wine country after all...Here's a chart to help you pair candy…
Trick-or-Treater Caught Taking Fistfuls From 'Honor Bowl'
Bill Michaels, a radio personality in Davenport, Iowa, decided to conduct a little Halloween experiment. Instead of answering his front door for each and every trick-or-treater, he set an 'honor bowl' full of candy on his front porch with a sign that read: "Take One, Please.&Close…
What Candy Did You Most Hope for on Halloween? [SURVEY]
The candy I most hoped for as a kid was Hershey Mounds (you know, chocolate and coconut)! What was yours? Answer the survey and we'll publish the results. HOPEFULLY that will inform your buying decisions this month as you stock up for the big night!
The History of Necco Wafers
There was an article online saying Necco Wafers are one of America's LEAST favorite Halloween candy. That surprised me -- I think they taste like childhood! I still like them. Sugar is sugar! But I never see them for sale outside of Halloween so I decided to look it up. Check it out!