Why Some Tri-City Drivers Are So STUPID Right Now!
According to Pasco police deptartment:
IT TOOK US A MINUTE but we figured out that we had people in little cars racing all over the city tonight because the most recent "Fast and Furious" movie just came out. It happens every time. The displays of power from moms' 1...
Pasco Police Sergeant Gives Great Advice About Driving
Every day I witness stupid drivers, don't get me wrong I am not a perfect driver either!
I can't believe the tailgating, speed and total disrespect for anyone on the road and lets not get me started about TRUCKS!!!
I stumbled across this post on Pasco police Facebook page
Sergeant Dave Allen …
Only You Can Stop Fast Lane Abuse
One of the most infuriating experiences when driving is other drivers' abuse of the fast lane.
Let's take the time to spread awareness of fast lane abuse - a problem that affects countless people.
What's the Best Way to Signal You Want to Pass? [POLL]
In real life if someone is blocking you in a hallway or aisle you simply say, "Pardon Me." But it's tricky when you're driving. If someone is parked in the fast lane, and going the same speed as someone in the right lane, there's no easy to way to signal, "G…
My Rant Over The Blue Bridge!! UGH!!
For the past 15 years I've had the honor of crossing the blue bridge every day. like clockwork I get a bit of road rage BECAUSE OF OTHER DRIVERS! pretty sure people don't have a clue on how to drive over the bridge. remember, it is your responsibility to drive reasonable and prudent o…
Find A Designated Driver! No Free Rides This Year!
Hey Everybody!
There are NO free rides this year through Kennewick Police Dept, for those who have had too much to drink! So...it's up to YOU to be responsible!!
Please, please please...Have a TON of FUN! But PLEASE make SURE you take special care NOT to drink and drive...

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