That's my jam, man.

A Washington State trooper was surprised to find a semi-truck he pulled over was being used by its driver as a recording studio — complete with party supplies.

Trooper Chris Thorson posted a photo on Instagram showing the super sonic cabin of a semi-truck one of his fellow officers pulled over. It contained what appeared to be a computerized mixer, headphones and other electronic equipment.

Thorson added that the cabin also included a microphone that dropped from the ceiling. His photo also showed a bag of white powder and what appears to be drug paraphernalia that was reportedly found in the unidentified, aspiring recording artist’s truck.

“Just when you thought you have heard it all.....Trooper Trombley stopped a semi truck driver for speeding (17 over),” wrote Thorson. “After arresting the driver for suspicion of DUI/drugs, he found out that the suspect produces/records music while driving down the highway.”

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Thorson hash-tagged that it was “not acceptable” to mix hauling cargo and rocking the house.

Life is a Highway. Rockin' Down the Highway. Highway Tune. On The Road Again. Rollin'.

Finally, to badly paraphrase the Grateful Dead, "I'd like to get some recording done while I travel, but if you got a warrant, I guess you're gonna come in my cab."

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