The Voice season 14 hosted its Top 10 contestants for "Challenge Week" on Monday (May 7). The theme involves each of the singers tackling something that they see as a challenge on their journey to become a well-rounded artist.

For Team Blake's Pryor Baird, that happened to be a cover of 2002's "My Town," by Montgomery Gentry. Blake Shelton chose this song due to the challenge of a single vocalist doing a duo's job (which alluded, of course, to the unfortunate passing of Troy Gentry last year). Baird gave the song every bit of his raspy edge, which had the crowd clapping along and Shelton noting admirably that his momentum is growing due to his unique voice.

Two singers will head home tomorrow night based on America's votes, so be sure to tune in to see who made the cut. We'll be keeping an eye on things all the way to the season's finale, so stick with us and let's see what happens!

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